Inspired by the vision and directions of the Founder St. Louis Mary De Montfort, the Brothers of St. Gabriel opened this Institution named MONTFORT SCHOOL, at New Haridwar Road, ROORKEE on 25th July 1994 with a group of 102 students from classes UKG to IV with Bro. Mani V.J. as its first Principal and Mrs. P. Chandra as Head Mistress. It is situated on the main Highway from Roorkee to the holy cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh, 7 K.M. from internationally famous I.I.T of Roorkee. It is a school set in the garden and natural surroundings with 11 acres of land.

The Brothers of St. Gabriel were already in Roorkee before starting Montfort School. They were having a school in the cantonment area named St. Gabriel's Academy. Seeing the need and the request and demand from the public, Brothers started this new school 7 km away from the existing one. Since it is away from the town and almost all the students are from the town, Montfort school plies buses for the students. Montfort School is an unaided Christian Minority school, recognized by the C.B.S.E. and the medium of instruction is English. Boys and Girls are admitted. Though it is a minority school for Christian (Catholic) children, admission is open to all. Normally, admission is done only in L.K.G. classes. Those seeking admission to L.K.G. should be within the age group of 3 ½ to 4 ½ years on April 1st of the year of admission. The age requirement of other classes will be on the basis of the above.

In 2001 the Seva Missionary Sisters of Mary congregation joined the Brothers in the school as collaborators.


On this day, the school was ready to venture with 8 classrooms and two toilets in three wings. With the arrival of the first batch of 42 children in a specially decorated bus and the ringing of bells at 8.30 am- a new institution ushered in-to carry the torch of love, freedom, and integrity on the path of education. One more member of the Prestigious Society of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel was born. It was a new experience for almost everyone present there- to be a part of an Institution on its opening day. The then Provincial Superior Bro. Philip Thadathil, Manager Late Bro. Thomas Madapalli and the Principal Bro. Mani V.J welcomed the staff and students with the message to make Montfort School a home away from home for the students, teaching young minds to compete with themselves to be always on the search to discover, to explore and to strive on.


Bro. Mani V.J (1994 – 95)

Bro. George Pottakaran (1995-97)

Bro. Jose Thottiyil (1997- 98)

Bro. Joseph V.J. (1998 – 99)

Bro. T. Alex (1999 – 2008)

Bro. Cyriac Francis (2008 – 09)

Bro. Sibi V.J. (2009 – 2011)

Bro.Chacko A.P. (2011-12)

Bro. Jose Thottiyil (2012- 2017)

Bro. Albert Abraham (2017- Till Date)

Educational Policy

A school is a place for the integral formation of persons by means of systematic and critical assimilation of culture. This vital approach takes place in the school in the form of personal contacts and commitments which consider absolute values in a life context and seek to insert them into a life framework. The school stimulates the student to exercise his intelligence through the dynamics of understanding to attain clarity and inventiveness. It must help him spell out the meaning of his experiences and their truths. Any school which neglects this duty and which offers merely pre-cast conclusions hinder the personal development of its students.

All values, human and spiritual, especially those elucidated by the great Religious Leaders and Indian thinkers, shall find their echo in the content and methodology of the educational system. Human anthropology permeated by spiritual and ethical values must be the shared vision of the school community. The principles of universal human brotherhood necessitating the acceptance of God as the prime source of all shall become its internal motivation and final goal.

The staff dedicates themselves in a special way to education particularly that of youth and the underprivileged. They consider this work as an eminent service to humanity and a privileged means of promoting the formation of the whole man since the school is a center in which a specific concept of the world, of man and of his history is developed and conveyed.

The school motivates and stimulates students to exercise their innate and acquired intelligence through effective dynamics that help to understand what is truth and the true purpose of life.

Every member of the school community adopts a common vision and outlook of life, based on the values he/she believes in.

The school provides the individual, scope for development from within and the educational program is directed to the growth of the whole person.5.7. The content and methodology of the educational system reflect the human and spiritual values of the society and the nation.

Academic excellence is to be achieved through hard work, practical applications, and clear logical thinking

Each pupil is helped to discover and improve his/her physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, psychological and emotional gills, and to develop his ethical sensitivity and sense of transcendence.

An appreciation of our cultural and religious values is inculcated through an exposure to our cultural heritage, and arousing in them a social awareness with a view to helping youth to function in a responsible and constructive manner.

An appreciation of our cultural and religious values is inculcated through an exposure to our cultural heritage, and arousing in them a social awareness with a view to helping youth to function in a responsible and constructive manner.

Liberty, justice, solidarity and peace are stressed as urgent, personal' and social needs.

Religious values are instilled into our students to help them develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life. Each pupil is helped to discover and realize one's own goal in life.